Proof That Our Pets Actually Love Us, And Not Just For The Food! Leads The Daily Links

Plus 15 amazing bra hacks for all the cray outfits in your life, 8 things you never knew about men and sex, and the top 5 career skills everyone needs these days.

The Atlantic

SCIENCE! Finally, they’ve proven that our dogs and cats really do love us, and not just because we give them food! - [The Atlantic]

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15 bra hacks, tips, and tricks that will change your life! Because bras are a pain, but also because you know some of the stuff you wear is cray; just admit it. - [Gurl]

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This S.C. police chief found herself fired after getting seven reprimands in one day—after over TWO DECADES of distinguished service. You won’t believe what her new boss had to say about the termination. - [Slate]

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Bon Appétit

Thanks to extreme weather conditions all over the world, prices for certain foods will rise dramatically in the U.S. Prepare yourself by figuring out what you’ll still be able to buy on the cheap! - [Bon Appétit]

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Netflix will be raising its prices for new customers. We knew we’d have to pay somehow for the joys of binge watching! - [Bloomberg]

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Women’s Health

Eight things you never knew about men and sex—myths debunked and questions answered! - [Women’s Health]

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Thought Catalog

10 beauty tips from a professional makeup artist—get it, girl! - [Thought Catalog]

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