How To Actually Reinvent Your Résumé Game Leads The Daily Links

Plus 9 super-effective remedies for lower-back pain, a guide to wearing sneakers with suits, and the week’s best new music and fashion.


Google’s human-resources chief has a simple formula that will totally change the way you write your résumé. It’s an honest-to-goodness game-changing, face-palming piece of advice that could get you ALL THE JOBS. - [QUARTZ]

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The Daily Beast

Whether you’d like to imagine you’re Hunter S. Thompson, Alice in Wonderland, or Sylvia Plath, this slideshow shows what you’d be eating. Delightful (or just weird) narration of your meal included. - [The Daily Beast]

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Gizmodo / Via

Two Kansas high-school students invented a device that eliminates the whole watery-globby-frustrating-disaster situation that pouring ketchup is. - [Grub Street/]

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Eight “GQ”-approved sneakers you can wear with a suit. Please take their advice, guys—this is one style choice that can easily turn into a disaster. - [GQ]

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This week’s 10 best-dressed ladies, according to “VOGUE.” Breathe; the style envy will eventually pass (probably). - [VOGUE]

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Nine highly effective treatments for lower-back pain. - [Prevention]

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