“Human Barbie” Posts Makeup-Free Selfie Leads The Daily Links

Plus Jaden Smith’s tweets as Tinder pickup lines, five workouts for super-toned legs, and Leo DiCaprio’s darkest secret.

The Stir/Café Mom

The “Human Barbie” posted a makeup-free selfie, and she looks … more human. Unfortunately, looking more human does not mean you actually look human. Click through to see the “real” girl! - [The Stir/Café Mom]

Here’s the story of one visionary man who successfully used Jaden Smith’s tweets as Tinder pickup lines. - [nymag.com]


20 lifehacks that make being an adult easier. Or at least they make it look that way! - [Cosmopolitan]

Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone” lists its top 50 things of Coachella 2014: bands, fashion, food — and the “Coachella Selfie” couldn’t be avoided, obviously. - [Rolling Stone]


Everything you never knew — and need to know — about the original, unaired pilot of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! - [UPROXX]


Stubbs the cat is mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska (really!!), and he’s cooler than all of us. Check out the top 10 animals that have run for public office. - [COED]


OMG! Leonardo DiCaprio’s deepest, darkest secret: HE ISN’T COOL. - [Salon]

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