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    • kellis8

      Smash has beenawonderful “getaway” show for me, even with all of its mistakes that were written in by its writers. This show has been sucharelief from all the other dull TV shows offering the same old thing-murder mystery, narcissistic reality shows, shallow humor.Ido think that Season1was more intriguing than Season2—and mostly because what was made so captivating byagreat choice of actors/actresses tookaturn for the worst by adding in some very poor actor choices. Karen, although young and inexperienced in many ways, was stillashining diamond, and someone with this much pizazz would never fall for someone like Jimmy— never. The chemistry that was built up between Derek and Karen was so moving, so exceptional, so explosive, so important to the show ratings— and then to have this wet blanket “Kimmy” theme take over just took all the luster out of what wasavery integral and important part of the show— Derek & Karen romance.Ikept thinking, ok, there is still time for this all to redeem itself-and this last episode had the power to do just that. The fans were so anxious for these two to have some time together— and the writer’s (I believe) totally blew it. Again, we see this passionate opening with Derek and Karen finally alone, finally together— with the mood set to be so romantically charged— eyes open kissing, nothing but “full speed ahead” intentions, only to find out that nothing happened? Are those writer’s crazy? And Karen leaves that intoxicated spell that Derek’s love has cast to be with this unsophisticated, drug-taking, impudent, immature, not-even-good-looking Jimmy? Ok-the writers need to go back to school! Do they even know how stupid they appear to be? I’m just so disappointed in how this entire matter from start to finish has been handled, which includes how NBC pulled away from Smash so quickly. Seems they too have the ability to be very shallow when it comes to developing shows of promise.