Miley Cyrus Taped Flowers To Her Face To Hide A Zit

Because of course she did.

Imagine you are Miley Cyrus – world-famous pop star and provocateur – and one of your perfect, imperceptible pores has betrayed you; it has become clogged with an unknown combination of oil and dirt resulting in a pimple.

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What do you do?

MileyCyrusVEVO / Via

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Do you hide out and hope it passes?

MTV / Via

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Cover it with make-up?

MileyCyrusVEVO / Via

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Call your agent and demand a Proactiv contract?

Proactiv / Via

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No, of course not.

ID: 3445812

You are Miley fucking Cyrus! You gather up the loudest, tackiest fake flowers you can find and you tape that shit to a bandaid.


ID: 3445308

You then put that bandaid on your face.


ID: 3445311

Because you are Miley Cyrus and the best way to do anything is to draw as much attention to yourself as possible.


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MTV / Via

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