18 Reasons You Need To Jump On The Charli XCX Bandwagon

She’ll be the glitter in the darkness of your world.

1. Let’s be honest, Charli is the best part of “Fancy.” You’re only listening to sing along to her ***flawless hook.

iggyazaleamusicVEVO / Via youtube.com

2. Her major-label debut True Romance is literal perfection. There’s not a dud song on the whole album. It’s just forty-seven solid minutes of alt-pop heaven.

Atlantic Records

3. She wrote the best party-girl anthem in history: Icona Pop’s “I Love It.”

Icona Pop / Via youtube.com

4. She performs with an awesome all-girl band. (Just like Beyonce!)

5. Her personal style is the perfect mix glitter and grim.

officialcharlixcx / Via youtu.be

6. I mean, have you even listened to “SuperLove”?

Atlantic Records / Via youtu.be

7. Or “Nuclear Seasons”?

Atlantic Records / Via youtube.com

8. Or “Boom Clap” for that matter?

Atlantic Records / Via youtu.be

It’s like she’s not capable of writing anything but a hit song.

9. Earlier this summer she helped turn unknown Ryn Weaver into the next big thing with the song “OctaHate.”

10. Seriously, Charli is a crazy generous writer. She gives away hits like they’re going out of style. She has no regrets about giving Icona Pop “I Love It,” she originally wrote “Boom Clap” for Hilary Duff and she submitted demos for Britney’s last album.

11. Her stage presence is out of this world

Electronic Beats / Via youtube.com

12. When she was fourteen she convinced her parents to loan her enough money to record her first album. Titled 14, the record helped her get signed to Atlantic.

Orgy Music / Via discogs.com

13. She released 14 under Orgy Music, a record label she formed with Martin Hayter.

Orgy Music / Via discogs.com

14. Big hair, don’t care? More like big hair, don’t give a fuck.

15. She’s got seriously global roots: her father is Scottish and her mother is Indian by way of Uganda.

Side note: How cute is Charli’s mother?

16. Her trademark cat-eye is downright inspirational.

officialcharlixcx / Via youtu.be

17. She’s opened for Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and Marina and the Diamonds.

18. Finally, she’s gearing up to release her third studio album this fall and you need to prepare yourself – she’s about to blow up in a major way.

officialcharlixcx / Via youtu.be

♬ Remember my name, ‘bout to blo-oo-oo-oo-ow ♬

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