17 Reasons Lauren Conrad Is The World’s Most Pinteresting Person

While you’re at home pinning it, she’s out there living it.

17. She’s a girlie-girl who’s not afraid to get down and dirty to do it herself.

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16. She knows how to make the perfect flower crown.

ID: 3432024

15. Her braid game is on point.

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14. She likes to day-drink fancy cocktails out of mason jars.

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13. Top knots? Check. Whimsical tiny hats? Check.

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12. She is resourceful with flower petals.

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HarperTeen / Via youtube.com
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11. She’s got a healthy sense of nostalgia.

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10. She loves Starbucks and knows how to use a steamer.

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HarperTeen / Via youtube.com

I bet the baristas don’t even get her name wrong.

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9. She knows vintage books make for dreamy Instagram props.

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8. She loves herself a good theme party.

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7. She’s equally interested in nail art and bespoke textiles.

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HarperTeen / Via youtube.com

Don’t act like you’re not jealous of her skills.

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6. Nobody in this world loves sparklers more than she does.

ID: 3431997

5. She dressed her dogs up like Christmas elves.

ID: 3432007

4. She’s the queen of the cat-eye.

ID: 3455263

3. Her affection for organic berries and hand-painted ceramics is well-documented.

ID: 3437841

2. She knows no party is complete without festive strips of fabric hanging over it.

ID: 3455223

1. She’s served cheese on a chalkboard. Cheese on a chalkboard.

u look haute / Via youtu.be

It’s cute but is it sanitary?!

ID: 3455280

By all means, keep pinning but know that you’ll never dethrone the queen.

HarperTeen / Via youtube.com
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