15 Small Victories That Will Improve Your Day

Sometimes big things come in small packages. And sometimes these things happen.

1. When your yogurt lid is totally clean.

ID: 370839

2. When you pull this out of the dryer.

ID: 370956

3. When you get the first dip into the butter.

ID: 370964

4. When you run out of frosting and cookies at the same time.

ID: 370968

5. When this pops.

ID: 370975

6. When the screensaver hits the corner.

ID: 370998

7. When you beat solitaire.

ID: 371029

8. When your house isn’t haunted.

ID: 370846

9. When you win the Starburst jackpot.

ID: 371461

10. When you start a new tube of ChapStick.

ID: 371047

11. When you successfully pick out all the non-marshmallows.

ID: 371290

12. When you stop right on the dollar.

ID: 371330

13. When you finally fill up one of these.

ID: 371431

14. When your cereal prize rules.

ID: 371452

15. When you change the channel before she breaks your heart.

ID: 371675

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