Why We Need To Let Go Of "Let It Go"

Let us go, Elsa. LET US GO.

1. Elsa, you’re perfect and wonderful.

2. Somehow, you’ve made a dress the color of an Ice Breakers tin STUNNING.



3. Side braids have gone up 1000% in hotness because of you.

7. Elsa, you have to let us go.

Disney / Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty

8. In all the languages.

Disney / Via video.disney.com / Keely Flaherty

9. People are starting to get hurt.

11. Everyone is too busy singing your song to do their job.

Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty


13. The traffic reporter is singing instead of doing his job because of your wonderful, amazing curse of a song, Elsa.

Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty

16. And now there are amazing covers of the song we have to listen to 24 hours a day (or we get itchy from withdrawal).

18. LET US GO.

Disney / Via youtube.com / Keely Flaherty

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