The 27 Most Pessimistic Things To Ever Happen

The end is always nigh.

1. This fatalistic ambulance.

2. This beleaguered magazine.

3. This salutation.

5. This cautionary sticker.

6. This label.

7. This cross-stitch.

Etsy / Via

9. This Siriously downcast reaction.

11. This piece of flair.

Etsy / Via

12. This deeply meta decoration.

13. This entire book.

15. This human truth.

17. All of this.

18. This scientific stickler.

19. This weary CAPTCHA.

21. This Netflix proclamation.

23. This observation.

24. This response to optimism in the workplace.

25. This advertisement.

26. This bridge’s demands.

Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little / Via

27. This printer, which is at peace with its inevitable fate.

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