The 23 Best High School Senior Pranks Of 2014

Is that a camel?

1. The class that broke bad.

3. The graduates who put their high school up for sale on Craigslist, and included the underclassmen in the deal.

5. The seniors who just couldn’t bear to leave Rockwall High behind, so they changed it.

7. The seniors who wanted to gift their school with a more exciting mascot than “Comets.”

10. The Chamber of Seniors.

12. Whatever prank happened after this photo was taken.

17. This senior class, composed entirely of future pre-med students.

18. The Senior Slide, right in front of school.

19. The seniors who made every underclassman seriously wonder if it would be wrong to eat some of that.

20. The class that built their principal, whose nickname is “The Hawk,” a nest.

21. These seniors’ awesome twist on the classic parking lot prank.

22. The class who color-raved together.

Nicely done, class of 2014.

The gauntlet has been thrown, class of 2015.

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