25 Signs You’re The Paris Geller Of Your Friend Group

First things first, you’re the realest.

1. You don’t have a problem with going against the crowd.

2. It takes a lot to get you emotionally stirred.


3. You trust few. Very, very few.

4. And are intensely loyal to those very, very few you do trust.

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5. Try as you might, you’re just not the dating type.

6. Or, really, the romantic type in general.

7. Which is fine, because you’re unbelievably independent and self-sufficient.

8. And your ability to see past peoples’ emotions means you can give great no-nonsense advice.

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9. You’re a realist.

10. You mince no words.

11. And appreciate people who are bluntly honest in return.

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12. You’re not the touchy-feely type, and your friends know that.

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13. You’re not a party person.

14. Or a people person.

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15. Or a subtle person.

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16. And that’s fine. Because you know what you want out of life, and have a strong sense of self.

17. You’re a goddam feminist.

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18. Goddamn. Feminist.

19. Teens. You know they cannot be trusted.

20. You have, more than once, been described as “intimidating.”

21. You’re an incredibly ambitious person.

22. You set high standards for yourself and refuse to compromise them.

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23. And you hold those you love to the same high standard.

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24. Which means you’re never afraid to dish out a dose of tough love.

25. You push your friends to be the best version of themselves. And they’re all the better for it.


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