23 Facts All Midwestern Women Know To Be True

It isn’t a coincidence that it rhymes with “best.”

1. You were taught at a young age that Cornhole is not a game, it’s an art.

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2. You were taught at an even younger age to live and die by your family’s favorite sports team.

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3. So now, every game day, you’re camped out at your local bar, screaming at the top of your lungs.

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4. Growing up, chances are you were one tough kid.

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5. And whatever the boys were doing, you were right there with them.

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6. You might have wondered what other girls got to do that you were missing out on.

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7. But all that toughness turned you into one damn capable adult.

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8. You’ve been hardened by completely unpredictable weather in the warmer months, and below freezing temperatures all winter.

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9. But it’s taught you how to weather any storm.

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10. And what might be “frigid cold” to some is “positively balmy” to you.

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11. You have known the seductive comfort of the Ugg boot.

Don’t knock ‘em til you try ‘em.

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12. Good manners are not optional.

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13. You firmly believe that no person should be paying $15 for a cocktail.

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14. You are second to none when it comes to rocking The Electric Slide.

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15. And no wedding is complete without The Macarena.

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16. When it comes to the glorious gift that is fair food, no one’s palate is more refined.

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17. There is but one Queen you bow down to.

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18. Your standard for acceptable snack food is high, and you suffer no lesser imitations.

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19. You know that a good bonfire can make or break a party.

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20. It’s called “pop,” damnit.

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21. You know that people who hate on lakes just haven’t been properly introduced to your part of the country.

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22. No matter where life takes you, you never forget where you come from.

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23. And where part of your heart will always be.

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