The Saddest Groupons Of Washington, D.C.

This is a city that couldn’t have fun if you bought it a coupon and told it to. posted on

1. These are the type of Groupons people in D.C. get as “Top Sellers” in their email inboxes:

2. That same day in New York, people were eating Japanese food:

3. People in D.C. are worried about their spider veins:

4. But Chicagoans eat Brazilian steak without a care in the world:

5. In D.C., people apparently want services like this helpful resume writing service:

6. For comparison, in New York that day, people were considering going fishing:

7. In D.C., people like to get fit and make it their life’s work:

8. While in Los Angeles, people like to go whale watching:

9. And on this day in D.C., people were getting their air ducts cleaned:

10. While people in Chicago were reliving the ’90s:

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