The Greatest Golden Globes Moments Ever

Everyone knows the Golden Globes is the best awards show. Here are a few reasons why.

1. When Lara Flyn Boyle wore this:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

In 2001.

ID: 795158

2. When Paz de la Huerta partied too hard:

In 2011.

ID: 795066

3. When Audrey Hepburn thanked a lot of people very quickly:

In 1990 (at 2:45).

ID: 799741

4. When these guys reunited:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images


ID: 798785
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


ID: 798791

6. When Mickey Rooney and Macaulay Culkin presented together:

ID: 798843

7. When Ricky Gervais hosted for three years in a row:

ID: 795102

8. For instance, in 2011:

ID: 798746

9. Johnny Depp’s face during this joke:

ID: 798606

10. Then, in 2012:

ID: 798633

12. When Elizabeth Taylor didn’t know how to present awards:

ID: 798794

13. When they had a New Star of the Year Award:

For many years, this was a thing that sometimes more than one person won. In 1983, Ben Kingsley was the last man to receive the award, at the age of 39.

ID: 799557

14. When Whoopi Goldberg won for “The Color Purple” and Oprah applauded like this:

In 1986.

ID: 798813

15. That year, Whoopi wore this:

Ron Galella / WireImage / Getty Images
ID: 798827

16. When Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Stone had this moment:

In 2011.

ID: 798869

17. When Jeff Daniels looked like this:

In 1986.

ID: 799728

18. When Natalie Portman said of her fiance, “He totally wants to sleep with me!” and then laughed really weird:

In 2011.

ID: 798877

19. When Nicole Kidman won Best Actress for “To Die For” and said this:

In 1996.

ID: 798954

20. When Estelle Getty and Cybill Shepherd tied for Best Actress in a Televison show, Comedy or Musical:

Cybill was the only non-Golden Girl nominated in the category.

ID: 799604

21. She wore huge glasses:

ID: 799606

22. When Drew Barrymore explained how awards shows worked:

In 1983.

ID: 799539

23. Julie Andrews loved it:

ID: 799540

24. When Ted Danson got a “fear boner”:


ID: 799024

25. When Bette Midler channeled Joan Crawford and said, “I’ll show you a pair of golden globes”:

In 1980.

ID: 799070

26. When Angelina Jolie still brought her brother to award shows:

Brenda Chase / Getty Images

In 1999.

ID: 799100

27. When Christine Lahti was in the bathroom when she won her award:

In 1998.

ID: 800391

29. When “Burlesque” was nominated for three awards:

It won Best Original Song in 2011.

ID: 799275

30. When Brendan Fraiser did that weird clap:

In 2010.

ID: 800020

31. When Jennifer Aniston won and Brad Pitt looked like this:

In 2003. Long live the middle part!

ID: 799838

32. When Emma Thompson channeled Jane Austen:

In 1995.

ID: 799769

33. When Chris Colfer looked shocked and got kissed:

In 2011.

ID: 799141

34. When Meryl Streep won for “Sophie’s Choice” and Kevin Kline accepted her award for her:

In 1983.

ID: 799527

35. When Colin Firth kissed Meryl Streep:

In 2012.

ID: 802417

36. And when Meryl was just so Meryl:

ID: 799292

40. Happy Golden Globes!

ID: 794992

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