51 Post Offices You Should See Before They’re Gone

Every day it feels like the USPS is one small step away from becoming totally obsolete. Here are some of its coolest buildings that still stand; whether or not you can get the mail through them is another problem.

1. Washington D.C.

The Old Post Office offers free tours led by park rangers. The building – which has a clock tour that’s 315 feet tall – was built in 1899 and was “the first government building to have its own electric power plant.”

ID: 919400

2. Ismay, MT

Though the town was originally called Ismay, the named was informally changed in 1993 to “Joe, Montana” and post cards were made for the first Joe Montana Day.

ID: 919998

3. Three Notch, AL

Clearly not in use any longer, and has not been for awhile. The only thing really notable about Three Notch is that the nearby Three Notch Trail was used by Andrew Jackson in 1813.

ID: 919407

4. New Haven, CT

Built in 1919, the New Haven Post Office and Courthouse faced demolition in the 1960s but was saved and eventually restored for a little over $7 million in the 1980s.

ID: 919495

5. Chicken, AK

Originally founded as a gold mining town, people like to go here and send post cards because then they’re post marked Chicken, Alaska. In 2010, the town had 7 people living in it.

ID: 919762

6. Kelso, CA

Located in the Mojave Desert, Kelso’s post office closed in 1962. It’s still a ghost town, albeit one that’s gotten attention because of its close location to the Mojave National Reserve visitor center.

ID: 919723

7. Manitou Springs, CO

Built in 1940, this post office is in Manitou Springs, a near Colorado that cropped up as a resort community because of its mineral springs.

ID: 919801

8. Miami Beach, FL

Built in 1937, this building is in the Miami Beach Architectural District, also called the Old Miami Beach Historic District, also called the Miami Beach Art Deco District.

ID: 919505

9. Hakalau, HI

On the big island of Hawaii, Hakalau used to be a sugar plantation and the building the post office is in was an old theater.

ID: 919925

10. Franklin, IN

A New Deal mural called “Local Industry” by Jean Swiggett in 1940. A group called the Concerned Citizens of Johnson County is working on saving the structure for use as a city court.

ID: 919423

11. Peach Springs, AZ

This town was allegedly the inspiration for the town of Radiator Springs in Cars. (Note the spacing in the sign.)

ID: 919769

12. Norwood, GA

In 2010, Norwood had a population of 239.

ID: 919871

13. Buffalo Hart, IL

An abandoned general store and post office in Sangamon County, near Springfield, the capital of Illinois. When in use, the mail was delivered by train.

ID: 919964

14. Oklahoma City, OK

Located right next to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, this building was completed in 1932 and used partially as a Federal Courthouse. It is used today as a U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

ID: 919587

15. Acadia National Park, ME

This post office is the second smallest in the United States.

ID: 920055

16. Fertile, IA

Established in 1856, you can keep tabs on everything happening in Fertile by subscribing to the Fertile Reminder for only $8.

ID: 919986

17. Gem, KS

Almost empty, Gem has about 70 residents.

ID: 919995

18. Hardburly, KY

A mining town named after the Hardy Burlington Mining Co., this post office opened in 1918 and was closed in 2010.

ID: 920003

19. Wishram, WA

This abandoned building used to hold the Fallbridge Post Office; the town is now called Wishram, and it’s located in the Columbia River Gorge.

ID: 929142

20. Venice, LA

A good deal of post offices were wrecked by Hurricane Katrina and have still not been fixed.

ID: 920044

21. Spring Gap, MD

Apparently a nice place to go camping along the Chesapeake River.

ID: 920061

22. Lakeside, NE

Lakeside is an unincorporated community with only 18 households.

ID: 920219

23. Siasconset, MA

Still located in the building it was first housed in, the town of ‘Sconset as it is affectionately called is on the coast of Nantucket.

ID: 920121

24. Notus, ID

The building also holds the library and the community center, and the signs says “Dedicated to Alfred and Ollie Whitmire.” In 2012, the former City Clerk of Notus was charged with Grand Theft of city funds. They’re also looking for a new mayor.

ID: 919945

25. Badger, MN

Located right on the border with Canada, the post office was established in 1889.

ID: 920137

26. Atlantic City, NJ

Demolished in 2010 for a casino project, despite the fact that it was eligible for the National Historic register. “‘Iconic elements’ of the building were salvaged before demolition, including two sculpted eagles (once parts of a door surround), and a mural depicting Atlantic City’s history.”

ID: 920333

27. Culleoka, TN

Culleoka was planned as a town in 1857 for the building of the Nashville and Decatur Railroad.

ID: 920499

28. Pine Ridge, AR

This general store and post office prompted the creation of old radio program Lum ‘N’ Abner.

ID: 919784

29. Selbyville, DE

Built in 1940, this post office has a mural painted for the New Deal too.

ID: 928907

30. Shaniko, OR

Shaniko was founded in 1900, as a shipping hub and railroad terminus, originally holding the title as “the largest inland wool shipping center in the world.”

ID: 920404

31. St. Louis, MO

The U.S. Custom House and Post Office is a national landmark that was built in 1884; the post office remained there until 1970.

ID: 928982

32. Money, MS

This photo was taken in 2008; the Money, Mississippi post office has been closed since. The town is best known as the location for the murder of Emmett Till.

ID: 920174

33. Yeso, NM

A trading location for ranchers in the early 1900s, Yeso’s post office appears ghostly, but they actually have another working portable one.

ID: 920343

34. Waitsfield, VT

In 2005, the town wrote that it “has been transformed from a quiet farming town to a resort destination, bedroom community and, increasingly, a center for innovation and commerce. This transformation has not been without costs: to tranquility, to the landscape and to the insular nature of the community.”

ID: 920515

35. Phoenixville, MI

Called the “historical ‘gossip center’” by local residents, this post office was actually originally located in Connecticut, but was moved to Michigan in 1928 as part of the Henry Ford Museum.

ID: 920132

36. New Castle, NH

New Castle is the smallest town in New Hampshire and the only one located totally on islands.

ID: 920293

37. New York, NY

The James A. Farley Building is eight acres large and takes up two city blocks. It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is inscribed with the phrase “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

ID: 919719

38. Midland, OH

Midland was closed soon after this photo was taken in 2009.

ID: 920382

39. Bartley, WV

A mobile post office in a town best known for one of America’s largest mining disasters.

ID: 920551

40. Clairton, PA

Clairton, known as “the City of Prayer,” suffered with the failure of the steel industry and is also the location for 1978 movie The Deer Hunter. (Note the “C” in the “Office” above.)

ID: 929133

41. Smithwick, SD

According to the photographer, this post office sits in front of the original US Hwy 18.

ID: 920481

42. Tonopah, NV

Built in 1940, it’s on the National Register of Historic Places.

ID: 930024

43. Adams Run, SC

Adams Run is larger than it might appear; it has over 600 households.

ID: 920468

44. Fort Worth, TX

The lobby of this building runs the entire length of the building and was built as part of a huge railroad complex in downtown Fort Worth.

ID: 919591

45. Hazelton, ND

Self-described as “a small family-oriented community just 45 minutes from Bismarck, the capital city of North Dakota,” Hazelton is also known as “The Pride of the Prairie.”

ID: 920365

46. Modena, UT

Apparently, “One source states that an Italian laborer named the railroad camp after Modena, Italy. Another source relates that a Chinese cook during the serving of dinner would call out periodically, ‘Mo’dinna, mo’dinna.’ An earlier name was Deseret Springs.” Only a few families still live there.

ID: 920508

47. Penland, NC

Located in Mitchell County, the community is incredibly remote, but this building is on National Register of Historic Places and a group of community members are raising money to restore it.

ID: 929086

48. Cornucopia, WI

“What happens in the Corny, is all over the Corny,” is the saying in Cornucopia.

ID: 920553

49. Arlington, VA

Renovated a few years ago, the post office is now incorporated into a building that houses apartments, as well as office and retail spaces. It was originally built in 1937.

ID: 919556

50. Providence, RI

Dubbed the “First Fully Automated Post Office” in 1958, Providence was the first to get a system that used machines to move mail and not just human labor.

ID: 920460

51. Alcova, WY

A good place for hunting and fishing.

ID: 920559

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