33 Incredible Beaches To Get You Stoked For Spring Break

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get away this year, think outside the box.

1. Go to Perth, Australia.

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2. Or the Whitsunday Islands.

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3. Or Sydney.

Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

Even the rocks look inviting.

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4. Or Mermaid Beach.

They have rainbows!

ID: 957380

5. Or the Bay of Fires.

It’s so hot that it’s in the name how hot it is.

ID: 957097

6. Nearby Wharariki Beach in New Zealand is also not bad.

ID: 957078

Lots of nice looking large rocks.

ID: 957131

8. Go to Hainan, China.

ID: 956869

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is always a great choice.

ID: 957388

10. Or Para.

ID: 957186

11. But Greece! Oh Greece.

ID: 957074

12. Especially the Peloponnese coast.

It might be the best for beaches.

ID: 957374

13. California has a bevy of choices.

Like Big Sur.

ID: 957344

Or regular old San Diego.

ID: 957266

Or Morro Bay.

ID: 957100

16. In Negril, Jamacia you can have a drink at a bar and then just jump in the water when you’re bored.

ID: 957139

Or if you don’t like jumping there are regular beaches too.

ID: 957164

18. You could go with Oranjestad, Aruba, always a classic.

ID: 957225

19. Mimaropa, in the Philippines.

ID: 957358

20. Or Tulum, Mexico.

ID: 957142

21. Or Vieques, Puerto Rico.

ID: 957242

22. Or the North Shore of Hawaii.

ID: 957215

23. You can try red sand beaches.

This one is in Iceland.

ID: 958260

24. Or black sand beaches.

This one is in Hawaii.

ID: 958295

25. The South Pacific is not just a musical. This is Funafuti, Tuvalu (it’s really called that!).

ID: 957273

26. And Iran is right on the awesomely named Caspian Sea. This is Hormoz Island.

ID: 957095

27. Beaches don’t even have to be warm to be exciting, like Dyrhólaey, Iceland.

ID: 957148

28. Minffordd, Wales.

ID: 957166

29. The Isle of Portland in the U.K.

ID: 957352

30. Venice, Italy.

ID: 957346

31. Basically anywhere you can do this:

ID: 957199

32. Or this:

ID: 957201

33. Is where it is at.

ID: 957287

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