31 Totally Wearable Vintage Archie Comics Looks For Girls

Betty, Veronica and their friends wore clothes that you coveted – and some that should never be worn again.

1. That paisley skirt.

Paisley may never make a comeback, but maybe it should. Her loafers are also great.

ID: 894407

2. Veronica’s outfit in this scene.

Though Betty appears to be wearing a dunce cap, Veronica looks classy.

ID: 894408

3. This shrunken sweater.

Hopefully it comes with abs to match.

ID: 894437

4. Veronica’s great coat.

Nice collar.

ID: 894442

5. No idea why Betty is looking so sad about her hatbox/suitcase when she’s wearing this poncho.

ID: 899455

6. The furry pants a gender-swapped Archie is wearing.

ID: 894445

7. These sunglasses.

ID: 894458

8. Betty’s great pattern juxtaposition.

ID: 894463

9. Any of these bathing suits.

ID: 894467

10. Or any of these bathing suits.

ID: 894565

11. Maybe not any of these.

The polka-dotted one is cute, but why is Betty wearing what seems to be a welder’s visor?

ID: 894471

12. These pants.

Veronica manages to make animal print classy. All Real Housewives, take note.

ID: 894521

13. The dress is amazing, but the bottle that looks like a clutch matching it is a great touch.

ID: 899449

14. For your next formal occasion, this dress.

ID: 894536

15. For the office, this outfit.

No wonder Archie is freaking out.

ID: 899488

16. Find a time to wear these.

ID: 899458

17. Veronica’s whole outfit.

It’s very college-girl, but the tights make it a little edgier.

ID: 894562

18. These tights.

Veronica knows what’s up.

ID: 899481

19. Veronica here, especially her bag.

ID: 894616

20. Betty’s dress.

You’d totally find this at Anthropologie. Let’s also cop Veronica’s knee socks.

ID: 894621

21. Look at the lining of Veronica’s skating skirt! (Also the chain on her sweater.)

ID: 899480

22. These see-through skirts.

So Girls. So weather appropriate.

ID: 899471

23. Betty’s fringe dress.

ID: 899776

24. This tube top.

ID: 899814

25. Some of these shorts.

ID: 898966

26. This classic LBD.

It should be in every closet.

ID: 898976

27. The women, however, did not always make great sartorial decisions.

ID: 899298

28. What is with the jumpers Betty?

Veronica’s red leggings, red shoes combination is a little Peter Pan, but she’s sort-of making it work.

ID: 894419

29. This looks more like pajamas than something to wear outside where people can see you.

ID: 899467

30. No, Betty.

ID: 899494

31. No, Veronica!

ID: 899495

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