15 Reasons "Zoom" Was Totally Underrated

Come on and Zoom!

1. The bizarre theme song.

The lyrics were literally “Come on and Zoom!” over and over again. Endlessly catchy.

ID: 1000354

2. Castmembers like Keiko.

ID: 1000382

Or Buzz.

ID: 1000950

Or Pablo.

ID: 1000390


What a kook.

ID: 1000393

Seriously, David was the best.

You can remember your favorite castmember here.

ID: 1001100

3. They had a lot of science experiements.

For those who couldn’t handle the rough serious world of Bill Nye.

ID: 1000614

4. “Zoom” taught you a new language.

ID: 1000941

5. It brought you to Cafe Zoom.

It was the place to eat. Your parents loved it that half the recipes required their supervision.

ID: 1000541

6. Zoom Guest was a segment where they just interviewed kids just like you.

But who were a lot more talented and liked things like electricity and dogs.

ID: 1000610

7. The “Zoom” kids always reminded you how to get in touch with them.

“We can’t do it on our own; we need YOU to make it known!”

ID: 1000457

As if you could forget!

“Everything you see right here could only be on Zoom because of every one of you.”

ID: 1000484

“Email or Zmail!”

Get it, it’s like email but it’s through the mail and addressed to Zoom.

ID: 1000857

8. The whole show was actually just full of crowdsourced ideas from “viewers like you”.

This is the clothespin game, where you try to drop a few clothespins into a cup faster than your competitor. Thanks Trevor S., of Harrisonburg, Virginia for that brilliant idea!

ID: 1000475

9. They had scintillating man-on-the-street interviews about important topics.

“What’s your favorite food?”

ID: 1000501

10. And important discussion of “phenomenons.”

ID: 1000860

11. Or games.

ID: 1000931

12. You could write a play and they would perform it for you.

ID: 1001083

13. They had serious conversations, like what it would be like to have a different name.


ID: 1001052

Or about their most embarrassing moments.

Lynese shared about the time her hair extensions came out in the pool.

ID: 1001092

14. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t know how to have a good laugh.

“Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Well then don’t do that.”

ID: 1001167


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