15 Important Tweets People Send When They’re At The Airport

People like to use Twitter to act as though they’ve never been to an airport before or traveled or interacted with humans or left their houses…

1. How their flight was way too early.

2. How something dramatic happened on the way to the airport.

I get all the way to the airport and realise I had forgotten my wallet #fail have to go back & get it ... #exapensivetaxi 😫👎😡

— SinaPereira (@Sina Pereira)

3. How they went through airport security.

I can't believe I am saying this but TSA is doing a great job today at ABQ...

— MfaBfd (@Allen Shull)

Just got felt up by the TSA #lovinlife

— d0ntgiveaschiff (@Matthew Schiff)

It wouldn't be a TSA checkpoint if there weren't at least five agents standing around doing nothing. http://t.co/m7V1e5Fe93

— koush (@koush)

4. How they can’t find any good food to eat.

Note to self. Never get Chinese food from an airport again.

— ImmortalHD (@ImmortalHDizzle)

Will Rogers World Airport could use 1-2 non-fast food dining options. Perhaps something sit down as well. @fly_okc

— tylerinoklahoma (@Tyler Johnson)

But the Detroit airport needs more food places to eat at though

— rachelseamon (@Rachel Seamon)

5. How someone did something weird.

6. How they saw a celebrity.


— losheff (@Lauren Sheffield)

Still waiting for the day I randomly encounter a celebrity walking through an airport

— cschaf815 (@Caitlin Schaffer)

Biggest and busiest airport on earth. I better see a freaking celebrity.

— Tori_LaRoche20 (@Tori LaRoche)

8. How they brought too much luggage.

9. How they can’t wait for their luggage.

Waiting for my bag to come off of the luggage line at the airport an I'm 10 yrs old again. #nopatience #peemypantsexcitedwheniseemybag

— gwagon07 (@mackenzie groenewege)

10. How their luggage is lost.

First I leave my backpack at the airport & now all my luggage is lost #roughday at least I got my equipment 👌

— Ringette1234 (@Maggie Keeler)

Congratulations to Newark for once again being the only airport that has lost my luggage: 4/4, lifetime nonachievement award!

— PhilJamesson (@Phil Jamesson)

11. How THEY got lost.

Just unnecessarily walked half the length of the airport by mixing up my gate number with my seat number

— BackToBacics (@Ryan Bacic)

In the damn airport, bored as hell.

— ROCity21 (@Riley Skinner)

So bored, been waiting in airport two hours with another two to go, everthing about this trip has been dire #nearlyhadnowheretosleep

— ChrisGGraham13 (@Chris Graham)

Soooooo bored at ATL airport!! Someone pleeeease save me!

— VelVelHoller (@Velvet Sky)

13. How shocked and surprised they were that it went well.

No one probably cares but I made my way through the Dallas airport 👏👏

— complete_BS_ (@Brittany Schulte ✌)

14. How there is no free wifi.

If you don’t have free wifi at your airport(s), you lose a few points as a city. Just saying.

— prsimp (@Paul Simpson)

I'll just sit here sipping my Jamba Juice, silently cursing the crappy airport wifi.

— Ginger_OhSnap (@Grrraulty)

Bad wifi messing up my Netflix at the airport is so not cool

— Jackie_dutton (@Jackie Dutton)

This Atlanta airport is trying to get me to pay for wifi. Where am I, North Korea? #freenikkislaptop

— nikkikoppers (@Nikki Koppers)

An airport without wifi is PRISON

— QueenoftheCASEL (@LC)

15. How their flight was delayed.

My plane is here! ☺ For the first time since my existence, Southwest didn't delay my flight. This is awesome.

— amazingvidi (@Dexter Morgan)

Another day, And I'm away, Facing another flight delay

— RachyF (@Rachel Fellows)

AA flight delayed again, Initial leg cancelled w 24 hr delay; flight delayed back home, a far too common occurrence with @AmericanAir,

— ken_greenberg (@Ken Greenberg)

Praying I do not get another flight delay, I am getting pretty damn sick of them

— mryter1 (@Matthew Ryter)

Another flight delay, to add to what is already a tedious journey #garbage

— dchand18 (@Dylan Chand)

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