11 Types Of Weird AMA Requests

Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” prompted even President Barack Obama to answer questions about his life. But redditors want more information.

1. A male (fill in the blank):

ID: 774017

Gynecologist, flight attendant – things that men do that are “women’s work” – are a fascination among those requesting AMA’s.

ID: 772984

2. Someone who has experienced something terrifyingly specific:

Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar
ID: 773358

3. Or had a life-altering, rare, random experience:

ID: 778086

4. Someone from such-and-such movie or TV show:

ID: 773379

5. Someone who was in the Ku Klux Klan:

Harry Benson / Getty Images
ID: 773879

No seriously, someone who was in the KKK:

ID: 773267

6. The same famous people over and over again:

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images
ID: 773810

Like Tina Fey: So many times.

ID: 773870

7. Someone who has the secret to fortune (and fame):

Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News / MCT
ID: 773911

8. Someone who looks at naked women a lot:

ID: 773944

9. Someone who can solve a conspiracy theory:

ID: 773925

10. Someone who works on a reality show:

ID: 773972

This is despite the fact that they all sign very strict contracts so they cannot talk about the shows that they work on.

ID: 778007

11. Oh, and whoever lives in the “Breaking Bad” house:

ID: 773433

People REALLY like that show.

ID: 778071

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