Going Food Shopping: Expectation Vs. Reality

Because eating is glorious, but buying everything can be stressful.

1. Expectation: You’re only going to buy what’s on your list.

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2. Reality: You might crave an Oreo in two weeks, so you should stock up.

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3. Expectation: You’re going to be organized and work from aisle 1 to aisle 27 to save time and energy.

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4. Reality: You start in the middle and then go in circles trying to find everything.

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5. Expectation: You’ll buy whatever is on sale and save a few bucks.

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6. Reality: You spend 20 minutes in the cereal aisle trying to figure out if the 15 oz sale price is a better deal than the 12 oz regular price.

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7. Expectation: You’re going to expand your palette and try new foods.

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8. Reality: You can’t tell the difference between kale and spinach, so you don’t buy either.

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9. Expectation: You’re going to save a ton of money with all of your coupons.

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10. Reality: You forget your coupons in the car and realize they would have only saved you $3, anyway.

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11. Expectation: When you get home, you’re going to cook a delicious meal with all of the food you bought!

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12. Reality: You’re too exhausted from shopping so you just order in.

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