23 Greatest Thanksgiving Moments From "Friends"

“More turkey, Mr. Chandler?”

1. When everyone spent their first Thanksgiving together eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

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2. When Rachel stuck marshmallows up Monica’s nose after she was told to put them in concentric circles.

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“No Mon, you want to put them in concentric circles. I want to do this.”

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3. When Joey wore Phoebe’s maternity pants to give him enough breathing room for feasting.

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4. When the gang played a more entertaining and intense game of football than an actual NFL game.

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And when the Gellers’ relentless, competitive nature came through.


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5. When Joey put a turkey on his head to scare Chandler, and it got stuck.

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6. When Chandler proved his friendship to Joey by spending Thanksgiving in a box.

…with just a peephole to breathe and communicate from.

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7. When Monica tried to seduce Chandler with carrots and knives…

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8. …but accidentally dropped one of the knives and cut his toe.

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9. When Rachel screwed up the English Trifle by adding beef and peas from a Shepherd’s pie.

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10. When Ross tried to name all 50 states from memory.

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11. And when Chandler fought with Joey over the Dutch girl.

“The important thing is the Dutch girl picked me! Me, not you — Holland loves Chandler, thank you Amsterdam, goodnight!”

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12. When Phoebe and Chandler pretended to be invested in a football game to avoid helping Monica in the kitchen.

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“Well the Lions technically won, but it was a moral victory for the Green Bay…Mermen.”

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13. When Monica strongly encouraged everyone to delicately eat dinner, so as not to ruin her fancy wedding China.

She wanted to save it for a special occasion… like when the Queen came for dinner.

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14. When the plates still broke, anyway.

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15. When Chandler’s hatred for Thanksgiving NEVER got old.

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16. When they had random guests celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with them.

Like Will - aka Brad Pitt, aka Jennifer Aniston’s husband at the time - who co-founded the “I Hate Rachel Green Club”.

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Or when Richard’s son came to visit.

“Do you want a relationship where you can actually say, ‘That’s not how your dad used to do it?’”

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Or when Rachel’s sister visited.

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17. And when Joey consumed an entire turkey by himself.

Bring on the meat sweats.

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18. When Phoebe had the best/worst Thanksgiving story… because she was a nurse during wartime… in 1862.


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19. When Monica put a turkey on her head and did this little dance for Chandler.

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20. When Monica’s Type-A personality almost ruined Thanksgiving dinner.

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21. When everyone revealed embarrassing secrets to Mr. and Mrs. Geller.

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22. When Ross was genuinely angry because someone stole his moist-maker after Thanksgiving was over.

And proved how everyone feels when they can’t eat leftovers.

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23. And when the gang cared about each other’s happiness, making sure everyone had a great holiday.

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Because even though it’s a chaotic holiday…

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And things never turn out the way they’re planned…

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There’s absolutely nothing better than spending it with your friends.

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