Walter Stratford’s Best Moments In “10 Things I Hate About You”

Those damn Dawson’s river kids sleeping in each other’s beds.

1. Laying down the dating law for Kat and Bianca.

ID: 1638729

2. Asking where Bianca is going in that red hot dress.

ID: 1638737

3. Walter Stratford showing his sense of humor.

ID: 1638738

4. Asking Kat about her day at school.

ID: 1638735

5. His day job reminding him why he created the dating rules in the first place.

Worryin’ Walter.

ID: 1638746

6. Doubting Bianca’s truth about what goes down at prom.

ID: 1638753

7. Walter not giving his blessing for party time.

ID: 1638916

8. Wanting his girls to listen to him.

ID: 1638937

9. Reacting to Kat crashing into Joey’s red convertible… because it was asshole day.

ID: 1638755

10. Walter putting on the belly before the gals hit up Bogey Lowenstein’s party.

ID: 1638757

11. And ordering them not to do anything risky… like have animal slaughter rituals.

ID: 1638759

12. Walter trying to control Kat’s mind and thought process.

ID: 1638909

13. Trying to prove he’s down with ’90s teen lingo.

His mama didn’t raise no fool.

ID: 1638929

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