What Is The Weirdest Message You Received On OkCupid?

Well, this is going to be fun…

1. Sometimes people think the Internet is an easy medium to meet a significant other.

ID: 1944054

2. So you sign up for an OkCupid account, hoping you’ll find the perfect match.

ID: 1944057

3. Sometimes it works out, and you meet your soulmate.

ID: 1963238

4. But other times things get creepy real fast, and you’re totally caught off guard.

ID: 1944058

5. Because people send this kind of shit to you.

ID: 1963026

6. What’s the weirdest message you’ve ever received on OkCupid? Post below! We promise we won’t judge…

ID: 1944062

7. …trust us.

ID: 1962984

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