Parks And Recreation’s Jerry Gergich Is The Most Annoying Person Ever

You might feel bad when the Parks and Rec department makes fun of Jerry, but they have a good reason. This is why Jerry is just awful.

1. 1. He thinks Comic Sans is a cool font.

ID: 1424946

Maybe it is… for 2nd graders. God Jerry!

ID: 1424949

3. 2. He never speaks correctly.

ID: 1424979

5. 3. He doesn’t know how the Internet works.

ID: 1425032

7. 4. Jerry dances like this. He should be shunned from life forever.

ID: 1425257

9. 5. His birth parents didn’t even want him.

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ID: 1425054

10. 6. His paintings are horrible.

He killed the Jay Z vibe it took years for Tom to cultivate.

ID: 1425076

11. 7. He says stuff like this, and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

ID: 1425126

12. 8. Instead of serenading people with a kickass pop song, he plays classical music.

ID: 1425133

14. 9. He falls asleep when he should be helping the community.

ID: 1425433

15. 10. He lights himself on fire and ruins his own birthday party at work.

ID: 1425527

17. 11. He didn’t vote for Leslie when she ran for city council.

Damn it, Jerry!

ID: 1425324

18. 12. He has the lamest Halloween costumes.

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You can’t go as yourself to a Halloween party, Jerry.

ID: 1425616

19. 13. He doesn’t understand jokes.

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ID: 1425329

20. 14. When he bends over, he rips his pants and farts.


ID: 1425372

21. 15. He eats at dinosaur-themed restaurants.

Shut up, Jerry.

ID: 1425383

22. 16. He likes getting socks for Christmas instead of a real present.

Some might say this is selfless and sweet, but it’s not. It’s boring and stupid.

ID: 1425392

23. 17. And if you haven’t noticed, he wears plaid. ALL THE TIME.

ID: 1425627

Deal breaker, Jerry.

ID: 1426490

26. So it’s ok to hate Jerry…

ID: 1425274

27. …because everybody hates him just as much as you do.

ID: 1425289

29. Even Jerry knows he’s not capable of doing anything right.

ID: 1425227

31. His face is bothersome,

ID: 1424984

32. and he makes us all want to scream.

ID: 1425481

33. Damn it, Jerry!

ID: 1425497

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