24 Ways You’re Convinced "Friends" Are Actually Your Friends

They’re real. They’re real. THEY’RE REAL.

1. When you talk about them, you use their nicknames instead of full names.

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2. You discuss their problems as if they’re really happening.

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“The Divorce Force” doesn’t sound cool, Ross… you might have a problem.

3. You go to your “Friends” when you need comfort.

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Bad day at work? Fail an exam? Can’t control your feels? Don’t worry: “Friends” are there for you.

4. You always support them through difficult times.

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5. And root against the enemies.

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6. You know all of their secrets.

7. You have a strong opinion about who they date.

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Janice Litman: denied. Mike Hannigan: approved.

8. You defend Rachel, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey when someone insults them.

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9. Your dependence on them is unhealthy.

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10. You agree on most things.

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11. Sometimes they get on your nerves.

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Really Ross?

12. You spend every weekend hanging out with them.

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13. Your love for the gang is unconditional.

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14. Extremely unconditional.

NBC / Via mexicali-mg.blogspot.com

15. You support them when they go through certain phases.

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Especially Ross and Chandler’s ’80s elbow suits.

16. And support their career choices.

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17. They make you laugh uncontrollably.

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18. You tolerate the outsiders who try to make their way into the group.

NBC / Via friends-to-remember.tumblr.com

Because you know it’s only temporary, and you’re a mature adult. #seeyapals

19. When you spend time apart, you lose your mind.

NBC / Via vitafamiliae.com

20. You cry when good things happen for them.

NBC / Via fanforum.com

21. You never talk about them behind their back.

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22. You don’t question the ridiculous things they do.

NBC / Via friends.wikia.com

23. Because you accept them for who they are.

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24. Your friendship’s been going strong since the ’90s, so you know it’s real.

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Some people may find it off-putting that you can’t tell the difference between real life and “Friends” life.

NBC / Via blushpink.tumblr.com

But you don’t mind the haters, because you know Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey are real.

NBC / Via itsjustaboutwrite.com

And you’d be lost without them. Thank you for being there, when the rain starts to pour.

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