24 Mesmerizing Live Performances By Fleetwood Mac

In honor of Christine McVie returning to the Mac after leaving in 1998, here are amazing live moments from the band’s many lineups.

1. “Rhiannon” on the Whistle Test (1976)

Mick Fleetwood reflecting on “Rhiannon” and Stevie Nicks: “Her ‘Rhiannon’ in those days was like an exorcism.”

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2. “Songbird” in Japan (1977)

Whether they were onstage or standing on the sides, Lindsey Buckingham and John McVie have been quoted as saying they’d always tear up when Christine McVie performed “Songbird.”

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3. “Black Magic Woman” at the Boston Tea Party (1970)

Fleetwood Mac’s first lineup with original guitarist Peter Green.

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4. “Over My Head” on The Midnight Special (1976)

This performance is around the time when Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined Fleetwood Mac.

ID: 2694156

5. “Go Your Own Way” (1977)

Fleetwood Mac at the height of their Rumours fame. Lindsey Buckingham with the fro and all.

ID: 2446653

6. “Don’t Stop” at Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball (1993)

This is the first time Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Christine McVie reunited after several years of different rotations of the band. Bill Clinton requested the Mac because he used “Don’t Stop” from Rumours as his campaign song.

ID: 2446644

7. “Sara” during the Tusk tour (1979)

“Sara, you’re the poet in my heart/Never change, never stop.” <3

ID: 2446675

8. “Over & Over” from Fleetwood Mac Live (1981)

Quite possibly the greatest live performance of a Christine McVie song.

ID: 2446478

9. “Landslide” from The Dance (1997)

This never fails to pierce you straight through the heart.

ID: 2446551

10. “Say You Love Me” during the Tusk tour (1979)

A great performance of Christine McVie’s legendary song from the Fleetwood Mac (1975) album.

ID: 2694165

11. “Need Your Love” (1969)

The original blues side to Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green.

ID: 2694219

12. “Dreams” (1977)

Another magnifying performance from the Rumours era.

ID: 2694256

13. “Never Going Back Again” from Fleetwood Mac Live (1981)

So many chills.

ID: 2694171

14. “Silver Springs” from The Dance (1997)

This song, written by Stevie Nicks, was originally supposed to appear on Rumours in 1977. Although they performed it a few times in ’70s, “Silver Springs” was finally introduced to Fleetwood Mac fans in The Dance in 1997.

ID: 2446554

15. “Sentimental Lady” at The Roxy (1982)

Fleetwood Mac originally recorded this song with Bob Welch in 1973 after Peter Green left the band. This is Welch performing it live in the early ’80s with Christine McVie and Mick Fleetwood.

ID: 2694229

16. “Gold Dust Woman” in Japan (1977)

Electric version of Stevie Nicks’ legendary song from Rumours (1977).

ID: 2446695

17. “Lay It All Down” (1971)

Another great performance from the Bob Welch lineup of Fleetwood Mac.

ID: 2694249

18. “Gypsy” during the Say You Will tour (2003)

“And if I was a child, and the child was enough/Enough for me to love, enough to love.”

ID: 2694257

19. “The World Keep on Turning” live at the Boston Tea Party (1970)

Not to be confused with Fleetwood Mac’s later hit “World Turning” from their 1975 album Fleetwood Mac. This song was written by Peter Green for their debut album in 1968.

ID: 2694252

20. “You Make Loving Fun” (1977)

Never get enough of the rock and blues Christine McVie contributes to the band.

ID: 2694242

21. “Angel” during the Tusk tour (1979)

Any interaction between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in concert is mesmerizing.

ID: 2694286

22. “Say Goodbye” at the MGM Grand Las Vegas (December 2013)

Lindsey Buckingham wrote this song for Stevie Nicks for the Say You Will album in 2003 (WARNING: get the tissues — this one is a tearjerker).

ID: 2446538

23. “Big Love” from The Dance (1997)

If Lindsey Buckingham’s amazing guitar style isn’t noticeable in “Landslide” or “Never Going Back Again,” it’s certainly present in this performance from The Dance.

ID: 2694240

24. “The Chain” during the Tusk tour (1979)

Fleetwood Mac in their prime. This song is always interesting to watch live — it reveals everyone’s personality, and what everyone contributes to the band.

ID: 2446712

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