10 Reactions To Health Nuts On Your Facebook News Feed

Workout statuses and foodie pictures? Bleh.

1. When someone Instagrams their healthy meal.

ID: 2224061

2. When someone posts a fitness quote.

ID: 2224454

3. And fitness eCards.

ID: 2257001

4. When someone likes a Facebook page called “A one hour workout is only 4% of your day! NO Excuses!!”

ID: 2225052

5. When someone shares with the world their gym schedule.

ID: 2224961

6. And then posts a mirror selfie.

ID: 2224970

7. When someone changes their cover photo to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

ID: 2223968

8. When someone posts a healthy article on a friend’s timeline.

ID: 2225113

9. When someone gives a vivid description of their diet and fitness plan.

ID: 2225185

10. When someone checks in at the gym… on a weekend.

ID: 2228745

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