9 Must-Reads For Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to get under the covers with a flashlight and a scary read. Here are some of our favorites:

1. HELP FOR THE HAUNTED by John Searles

This TODAY Show book critic sure knows how to scare his readers.

ID: 1771888

2. IT by Stephen King

This one’s a classic. If you read this one before your trick-or-treating, cross your fingers there aren’t too many people dressed as clowns.

ID: 1771895

3. SPELLCASTER by Claudia Gray

Want something a little lighter? Try this young adult novel about witches in a small, Rhode Island town.

ID: 1771986

4. R.L. Stine’s Goosbumps series

For the younger readers in your life (or if you just want a trip down memory lane) pick up something by the master of scary fiction.

ID: 1772012

5. WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks

Nothing is scarier than a world being taken over by zombies, so instead of going to see the movie, read the book first.

ID: 1772072

The original dystopian novel, you can never read this classic too many times. Plus, what’s scarier than an island full of young boys?

ID: 1772098

7. Bram Stoker’s DRACULA

Before vampires sparkled and drank True Blood, they lived in castles, fed on humans, and scared readers…

ID: 1772131

8. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS by Thomas Harris

Nothing keeps you up at night like a charming cannibal and serial killer.

ID: 1772242

9. HORNS by Joe Hill

A night of drinking resulting in waking up with a pair of horns? Now that’s a nightmare!

ID: 1868315

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