11 Signs You Need To Quit Your Book Group

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, it’s necessary.

1. There is no drinking allowed during the group.

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2. Meetings are always conflicting with your weekend plans.

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3. You’re lack of cooking skills leaves you feeling threatened by the other snacks provided. Cheese log? Really?

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4. You are always quashing unrelated side chatter.

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5. You’re pretty sure no one has actually read the book.

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6. Mothers have started bringing their children.

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7. The group spends half of the time discussing the cover….

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8. And the other half discussing what to read for next time.

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9. They choose another Chick Lit book. Don’t they know variety is the spice of life?

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10. The group population is dwindling until it’s just you and one other person who doesn’t really talk.

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11. You would never hang out with these people in real life anyway.

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Don’t worry if you leave, there are plenty of book groups out there who would love to have you!

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