These Kids Got Out Of Finals Thanks To Twitter (Sort Of)

BuzzFeed tried to help out students making retweet deals with their teachers. Did it work?

Last Friday, we discovered kids who were using Twitter to try to get out of finals by cutting deals with teachers for retweets. BuzzFeed wanted to help them out and encouraged readers to give them retweets. Let’s see if it actually worked!

1. These kids also earned the right to no finals, but no confirmation on if it was honored.

2. This coach promised he wouldn’t give a final if he got 1,000 RTs. But he deleted the tweet >:O

Looks like it was a scam!! Boooooo

3. These kids successfully got 5,000 RTs:

Whoops - looks like we were already too late.

4. These kids successfully won the right to do a rap project instead of taking a final exam…

But the teacher somehow made the rap project HARDER than an actual final!

Either they’re really crummy rappers, or that class is really easy.

5. This kid’s tweet earned him the right to no finals, but his subsequent tweets are just about how much he loves his girlfriend and don’t mention the bet. Verdict is still out on this one.

6. 1,000 RTs successfully obtained so they can use open notes and partners for the final. Then the teacher upped the ante: 5,000 and no final at all (they didn’t make it to 5K):

At least the teacher stood by his word on this. However, it’s just for HEALTH CLASS, which everyone knows is the easiest anyway.

7. These kids get 1,000 RTs thanks to BuzzFeed, and earned themselves a pizza party. The teacher even tweeted it:

Sadly, the pizza place in Cypress, Texas wasn’t open early enough, so she got donuts and kolaches. Ms. Brown, you are an A+++ teacher!

Congrats to the class of 2014!!!!!

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