There Is A Duran Duran Themed Island On Second Life

For unknown reasons, August 10 is Duran Duran Appreciation Day. But on Duran Duran Island in Second Life (it’s a real thing!), it’s every day.

1. Nick Rhodes as a frightening digital avatar makes an appearance

ID: 505432

2. Sadly, Simon Le Bon never shows up

ID: 505489

3. Nick Rhodes hanging out with a fan/inhabitant of the island

ID: 505487

4. Nick Rhodes apparently arrived on the Island by SCUBA diving there

ID: 505449

5. Rhodesy is looking a little undead

ID: 505474

6. It’s evening, and he still hasn’t changed out of his SCUBA suit

ID: 505477

7. This is what Duran Duran Universe looks like (note giant portraits of band members)

ID: 505480

8. Scary eye-covered mountains on the Island

ID: 505485

9. For some reason, Roger Taylor is now a robot

ID: 505581

10. DJ robot Roger Taylor doing a sound check

ID: 505622

11. Roger Taylor is no longer a robot

ID: 505619

12. Whoa whoa whoa, what is real and what is fake; I can’t tell anymore

ID: 505714

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