The Prettiest Horse In The World

That mane! That tail! Why is this horse so pretty and shiny? Is it photoshopped? I dunno, it’s from some Russian horse site.

1. Behold, the most beautiful horsey to have ever clopped!

ID: 416263

2. You luminous vision!

ID: 416087

3. I don’t understand your body, but I like what I see

ID: 416099

4. Your silvery coat dazzles!

ID: 416093

5. Those baby blues!

ID: 416103

6. You should be best in show, you sexy filly

ID: 416165

7. What a classy strut!

ID: 416166

8. Trot, trot, sweet pony

ID: 416167

9. Your owner wears inexplicable angel wings, but YOU are the angel, horsey!

ID: 416168

10. Frolic in the snow, beautiful mare!

ID: 416169

11. Oh, you cheeky horsey hiding behind the tree, playing coy

ID: 416170

12. An international beauty!

ID: 416172

13. Work that camera, you supermodel horse

ID: 416293

14. Gallop into my heart, you fanciful equine!

ID: 416175 / Via Facebook: AlmostHitABillion

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