The Best Tattoo To Have If You’re Getting Arrested While Choking A Dog

Texas police were amused when they discovered a tattoo on a man they arrested that read “Woody Wallace [the local constable] can *** my *****”. Nice.

Source: Trinity Police / Via

According to KTRE news in Trinity, TX, Jonathan Thompson was arrested back in March for burglary but never admitted to it. When he was arrested again this week for fighting with his stepdad, the police noticed he had a new tattoo with a message aimed directly at the police officer who arrested him the first time.

Since police have to photograph the tattoos of arrested persons for their records, he got the tattoo knowing that the next time he’d inevitable be arrested, he’d get to deliver his message to Constable Woody Wallace.

Allegedly, he was choking his stepfather’s dog (WTF?) while yelling “you’re next!” at the stepdad when police arrested him.

Oh, and he also confessed the the robbery in March and named his stepdad as his accomplice.

Source: Trinity Police / Via / Via .com/news/2012/getting-arrested-in-style/

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