The 22 Most Satisfying Feelings On Earth

Feels good, man.

1. This perfect paper rip:

2. Busting your fingers through the foil lid on a jar of Nutella:

3. Breaking off a giant icicle that’s been growing all winter:

4. Watching that giant icicle break into a million pieces:

5. Peeling the protective plastic off a new computer:


7. Whipping an old phone at a tree off a deck

8. Pulling out those large long clumps of dog hair that are ready to shed

9. Or out of a bunny:

10. Brusquely deflowering a virgin jar of peanut butter:

11. Sucking out the air on some space bags:

12. Peeling (or nibbling) the perforated edges off printer paper:

13. Pressure cleaning the shit out of a deck:

14. Digging your feet into sand.

15. Burning your school workbook on the last day of school:

16. Squishing the perfectly cupped brown sugar ball when you’re baking:

17. Peeling one of those cheese wheels thingees:

18. Piercing the yolk on a fried egg:

19. Mixing blobs of paint then scraping them off the palette:

20. Rolling clay into a perfect snake and coil:

21. Getting the whole sheet of snow to come off your windshield at once

22. This epic peel AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH:

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