TED Talk’s Hashtag Gets Trolled

A fake rumor started on Twitter that bikes were being stolen from outside the Toronto TEDx Talk. And then tossed into a pile of burning bicycles. Sounds believable.

A TEDx talk was held in Toronto today. If you were following along with the #TEDxToronto Twitter hashtag, you’d notice that mixed in with effusive praise for the enlightening speakers, something sinister was afoot. It appeared that there was a scandal where the police were cutting the locks of bikes outside the event, and tossing them into a giant bicycle bonfire.

Of course, that probably wasn’t happening, although I have no actual confirmation that the Toronto PD did not construct a fiery bicycle golem.

If there is a true and just God, I pray that he will allow similar thing trolling to happen on every TED talk hashtag henceforth. Hear my prayers, merciful Provider, grant us this joy, alight our lives with some harmless pranking of TED Talk enthusiasts. Amen.

Who has two thumbs and is grinning like crazy at how these TEDx Talk attendees believed it? ME.

Finally the official TEDx Toronto account (sadly, not called @itsrealTEDx) had to step in.

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