So You Waited Until The Last Day To Do Your Taxes


1. It’s April 15. You’re just now realizing….

3. You’re a 2010s kinda person, you’re going to do your taxes yourself online

Rip up that stupid old paper tax form, you’re gonna use that computer machine of yours to pay the goverment!

Unless, of course, you’re one of those people whose parents’ accountants still do their taxes, which is the 20-something equivalent to having your cellphone through your parents’ family plan.

4. But first, you have a few questions…

13. Coca-Cola once thought Tax Day was a good advertising opportunity:

14. Yeah right. The secret is that everyone does their taxes drunk:

21. If you used TurboTax, perhaps you made some new friends along the way:

Hi, new stock image friend, you seem enthusiastic.

Hello, trustworthy older woman.

Hello, brassy no-nonsense lady. I trust you to make sure these are correct. You’re like the enforcer.

Hi friend! I imagine your name is Maxine because you love to maximize refunds, and also that seems like the kind of name you might have.

25. Except that the TurboTax site crashed the night before taxes are due…

It went down around 11pm EST (20 minutes after I finished my taxes, thank you very much),

26. asdifjdakj;sfkd;dsl;kfasf;’lmarlkr

27. But you have to keep going in hopes of getting a refund…

28. But if you have to pay, I recommend taking a new moral approach:

Good luck with that, kid.

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