Meet The Most Beautiful Man In The World

Ahmed Angel must’ve been sent down from heaven to model for us, and he is 100% perfect.

1. Meet Ahmed Angel.

ID: 1165245

2. He’s an international male model.

ID: 1165265

3. He’s very CGI. That’s Completely Gorgeous Individual.

ID: 1165270

4. Here he is hanging out on a post-apocalyptic beach. The apocalypse probably happened because two countries went to war over him.

ID: 1165268

5. The background for this was originally just a normal backdrop but it lit on fire because of how hot he is.

ID: 1165279

6. So alluring.

ID: 1165284

7. Intriguing.

ID: 1165292

8. Careful, don’t fall in love with him.

ID: 1165325

9. Where can you get this mug? I’d pay ANYTHING for it!

ID: 1165293

10. Yes, he belongs in a museum. This is a great museum, please shut down all the other museums.

ID: 1165295

11. Forget bitcoin. Ahmedcoin is the new currency.

ID: 1165321

12. This crowd is demanding more Ahmed Angel.

ID: 1165352

13. Uh-oh, looks like there’s an evil Ahmed and a good Ahmed. I hope the good one wins.

ID: 1165373

14. Yes. He is planet.

ID: 1165375

15. The best of wishes.

ID: 1165377

16. “With me you will take off.” Take off all my clothes, that is.

ID: 1165413

17. Ahmed will stare into your soul and read your diary and he knows when you got your first period.

ID: 1165387

18. So beautiful.

ID: 1165424

19. My heart is yours, Ahmed.

ID: 1165428

20. I hope it didn’t hurt when he fell from heaven.

ID: 1165429

21. The platonic ideal of beauty.

ID: 1165433

22. Thank you, God, for giving us one of your angels.

ID: 1165356

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