Making Stupid Pictures Of Yourself Will Never Ever Get Old

Overlayer is a new highly addictive way to mess around with your photos.

1. TMZ overlay:

ID: 727997

Wanna make stupid pics of yourself to impress your friends, but lack basic Photoshop skills and/or motivation? Me too! Thankfully, design group OKFocus has invented, a tool to upload pics of yourself with funny overlays. You can upload images from your computer or allow it to use your camera.

Though most webcam programs like the built-in Photo Booth in OSX have their own effects you can play around with, what makes Overlayer really fun is that the overlays they’ve chosen are just really really good and funny (you can add your own overlays, too). For some reason, it’s just incredibly addictive.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

ID: 728091

3. Tim Tebow (bonus points for licking his butt):

ID: 727985

4. Sweatshirt design:

ID: 728001

5. Aphex Twin album cover:

ID: 728028

6. Bank Vault:

ID: 728002

7. Weird cyber statue face:

ID: 728006

8. McLovin’s fake I.D.:

ID: 728008

9. TIME Magazine cover

Photo of Ryder Ripps, the creator of Overlayer

ID: 728034

10. Grapes all over

ID: 728035

11. Fake Powerball winner Facebook meme

ID: 728038

12. New York Times cover:

ID: 728039

13. Smokin’ chicken bod:

ID: 728041

14. Nirvana baby:

ID: 728055

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