Images From The Super Bowl Blackout That Will Blow Your Retinas

Here’s what you missed when the lights were off.

1. When the lights when out, Dan Marino made this crazy face:

ID: 856963

2. Then the people in the stands started doing this insane thing:

ID: 856964

3. The cameras flipped onto Beyoncé changing out of her outfit in her dressing room:

ID: 856965

4. A streaker just ran onto the field and the refs tasered him:

ID: 857021

5. The refs are all doing the “Gangnam Style” dance over the tasered body of the streaker:

ID: 857023

6. Oh my God, Beyoncé was totally topless here:

ID: 856967

7. Wait, why is Dan Marino in Beyoncé’s dressing room?

ID: 856968

8. Whoa is a nude Beyoncé doing the “Single Ladies” dance with Dan Marino? Yes, that is definitely what’s happening:

ID: 856969

9. Ray Lewis, Beyoncé, and Dan Marino are cracking “Bane” jokes:

ID: 856970

10. Ray Lewis is crying:

ID: 856978

11. Ray Lewis holding up a sign that says “San Francisco has lame weather”

ID: 856979

12. Ray Lewis has tossed a “light jacket” on the ground and is pissing on it. Beyoncé is laughing:

ID: 856980

13. Ray and Beyoncé are making the Degeneration X “suck it” gesture to the light jacket:

ID: 856999

14. Kelly Rowlands and Michelle Williams just gave the finger to the camera:

ID: 856982

15. Michelle Williams is changing into a hot dog vendor costume and is walking out into the stands:

ID: 857001

16. Ray Lewis and Kelly Rowlands are on a laptop, registering from GoDaddy

ID: 856987

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