How To Survive In New York City

Nathan Pyle’s gifs of NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette will teach you everything you need to know for winter life.

Nathan Pyle has a book coming out soon with his delightful tips for New York living. Unclear if the book will have gifs (probably not) but WHATEVER this rules.

Enjoy his wisdom:

ID: 2275771

The most accurate explanation of how your heat works:

ID: 2274598

Do the penguin test with puddles (penguins shove one of their own off the iceberg to see if a seal is lurking below waiting to eat them):

ID: 2275897

How to avoid danger during holiday shopping:

ID: 2274577

Note this key difference between the Macy’s Day parade and a labor union dispute:

ID: 2275867

Best practices for any sort of camera:

ID: 2275806

How to get the most out of a the skating rink at Rockefeller center:

ID: 2275579

Most importantly, you have guests visiting, don’t let them do this:

ID: 2275837

Be aware of this scientific rule of measurement:

ID: 2275890

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