How To Play The Keytar

It’s the sickest new instrument, so of course you’re wondering how to incorporate it into your band. Let me help.

1. Always play with a friend.

3. Lean forward with one shoulder.

4. Stare off into the distance.

5. Keytars can be played by anyone

6. Even a turtle can play, it’s so simple

8. Dragons can jam.

9. Even if you’re anime, you can play!

11. Don’t be afraid to get down there and jam

12. Add some flair with some funky sneakers

13. Or a leather jacket.

14. And remember: keytars look best when you’re wearing a blazer.

15. You can even jam with your martian buddy.

17. There’s no way someone could teleport from the future and steal keytar technology from us, right?

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