How To Get Babes Into Your Floating Hot Tub

The Hot Tug is a hot tub/boat made in the Netherlands, and it’s the ultimate pick up artist tool.

1. So it starts out my buddy Dave (who goes by Hammer) and I go out sarging some daygame.

2. Hammer is pronounced like “Miami Vice” composer Jan Hammer. He’s my wingman.

3. Hammer and I spot a 2set (twosome) of HB8s (hot babe level 8).

4. We motor our tub over to approach. I’ve got my opener ready.

5. “I need a female perspective. Hammer here says his girlfriend reads his texts. Do you think that’s ok?”

6. I drop a neg to disqualify her and demonstrate value.

7. “Is that your natural hair color?” “Well, it looks nice anyway.”

8. Next, I start kinoescalating. I take her hand…

9. I say I’m going to do a palm reading on her, but then change it up into a thumb war really quick.

10. She’s giving me mad IOI (indicator of interest) so I think I’m ready to make my move…

11. ……And we kiss-close. BAM.

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