How To Be The Best Crust Punk Dog You Can Be

So, you want to be a crust dog. We can help.

1. Crust punks love having dogs

2. Find yourself a crusty who’s going to love you more than bathing or hygiene

3. Ok, first of all, you’re gonna need a bandana

4. Bandanas are the most important part of being a crustdog

5. Get used to riding the subway (even though it’s not really allowed)

6. And you might need to keep up with a bicycle

7. Being a crustdog means you get pet all the time, which is great

8. But you also have to sleep outside

9. You get to go to hang out at cool crustpunk concerts

11. You get to be out in the fresh air

12. Don’t try too hard

13. Seriously, you reek of trying too hard

14. A cool crustdog compliments his human’s style

15. Don’t worry about being the coolest dog

16. You know what? Sometimes you don’t even need the bandana

19. Allow yourself to be hugged by your human

20. Now you’re the best crustpup in the squat!

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