Here Is A Glorious George Costanza Print Dress

Artist Erin Bernas Pearce ordered custom-made George Costanza print fabric, then hand-sewed a lovely party dress for New Year’s. I would strangle at least 20 puppies for this.

Erin Pearce used, a site that does custom on-demand fabric printing (who knew this existed?! the possibilities are endless!) to get the fabric, then sewed the dress herself. “It’s fun to just make weird patterns and dream about the stupid dresses you can make,” Pearce tells BuzzFeed.

Ms. Pearce says she’s considering taking some commissions from people who have seen the dress and are desperate for their own. So if you can’t live another day without a George hairbow or clutch, bug her on her Tumblr and maybe she’ll help you out.

2. Erin’s dress, bow, and matching clutch

3. A perfect Festivus party dress

5. And of course, a bowtie for her dog

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