22 Goyim Who Must Be Stopped


1. The grocer who thought this was a good special:

ID: 3322836

2. This confused ebay seller.

ID: 3315901

3. The person who thought up this Christmas tree ornament:

ID: 3322826

4. The person who just learned a new word:

ID: 3322371

5. “Faith”:

ID: 3323359

6. The person who made this sandwich:

ID: 3322404

7. Whoever invented this:

ID: 3322393

8. The person who worries about this:

ID: 3322374

9. Whoever is in charge of ad placement on Evite:

ID: 3322884

10. The mall that offered this design option for the photos with Santa:

ID: 3323254

11. The family that made this Christmas card:

ID: 3323863

12. Gabby:

No jewish people only celebrate hannukah

— Carlie Shammah (@CARSforkidz)
ID: 3323291

13. The cookie company that thinks theres only 7 candles on a Hanukkah menorah:

ID: 3322858

14. The dance crew that celebrated Easter like this:

ID: 3323867

15. The people who committed these crimes against bagels:

Eating breakfast and lunch at the same time #strawberrybagel #LeftOversdinner

— Shy (@_HumblyShy)
ID: 3315728

Cinnamon sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese should improve my morning greatly

— Jonah (@JonahTJohnson)
ID: 3315733

You can never go wrong with a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream! Thanks Mr. Gunnels!!

— selena (@selenaavilesss)
ID: 3315734

So my 3AM breakfast is a bagel with Nutella and sprinkles

— mikayla. ✨ (@hey_miss_maggie)
ID: 3315752

19. The person who asked this:

ID: 3323620

20. This soldier fighting the front lines in the War on Christmas:

ID: 3323759

21. This Christmas angel:

ID: 3323764

22. J.K. Rowling.

No one ever celebrates hannukah in Harry potter......rude

— Miranda Wasserman (@mir_was)
ID: 3323285

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