George W. Bush Was The Greatest Presidential Turkey Pardoner

Every year, the president pardons a turkey for Thanksgiving. George Bush was simply the best at this (or at least had the funniest photo ops).

1. 2001: The greatest turkey pardon of all time. “Liberty” takes some liberties with the President.

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2. 2002: George deep in conversation with turkey “Katie”

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ID: 708627

3. 2003: George gently caresses turkey “Stars”

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ID: 708628

4. 2004: President Bush listens to his schoolchildren advisors on whether or not to save “Biscuit” and “Gravy”

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ID: 708637

5. 2005: Turkeys “Marshmallow” and “Yams were spared by presidential decree

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ID: 708640

6. 2006: Mr. Bush seems to be wavering, but decides to pardon turkeys “Flyer” and “Fryer”

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ID: 708644

7. 2007: A decisive unilateral pardon is granted to fowl “May” and “Flower”

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ID: 708647

8. 2008: The president lays his hands on two turkeys named “Peace” and “Pumpkin”, summoning lifeforce like Powder

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