Gavin Rossdale’s Wide Range Of Emotions

Gavin Rossdale is an enigma. Thankfully, his Twitter is full of lots of self-pics so we can fully examine his range of emotions.

1. Fearless about swimming even 30 minutes after eating a burrito

ID: 318308

2. Panicked; searching desperately for a Starbucks bathroom

ID: 318285

3. Pained at the memory of peeing his pants in school in 3rd grade

ID: 318317

6. Just took an excellent shit

ID: 318351

7. Unable to decide if he’s actually hungry or maybe just thirsty

ID: 318334

8. Definitely hungry, kind of craving Chipotle

ID: 318342

9. Seething with certainty he wants Chipotle.

ID: 318347

10. Exhilaration at learning the “Smoke on the Water” riff

ID: 318348

11. Silently laughing to himself as he hotboxes the elevator with farts

ID: 318364

12. Gophering a deuce

ID: 318374

13. Squeezing out a silent but deadly fart

ID: 318376

14. Worried about sharting

ID: 318380

16. “No I didn’t shart.”

ID: 318366

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