For Those Of Us Who Are Sexually Attracted To The Elf Man From Christmas Cats TV is the perfect site, and the Elf Man is the perfect man.

1. So is a livestream of an old lady and an elf man playing in a room of cats for three days.

ID: 2099647

2. It’s run by an animal shelter to get people to adopt the cats.

ID: 2099435

3. Here’s a cat playing with wrapping paper:

ID: 2099386

4. It’s just hours and hours of cats playing. It’s completely insane.

ID: 2099568

5. Sure, I guess it’s pretty cool watching cats play. But I need something more.

ID: 2099569

6. Oh, hello there, Elf Man…

ID: 2099645

7. The Elf Man is extremely cute. It’s ok to feel attracted to him.

ID: 2099136

8. The way he makes a cat beard.

ID: 2099133


ID: 2099132

10. The way Sexy Elf Man dances with a cat.

ID: 2099335

11. #oomph the way he swings that tabby.

ID: 2099385

12. When he kisses the cat. DEAD.

ID: 2099389

13. The way his perfect corduroys look when he sways with his cat.

ID: 2099413

14. The way he trips over a cat.

ID: 2099414

15. The way Sexy Elf Man is concerned about his granny’s drinking.

ID: 2099644

16. Hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go.

ID: 2099130

17. I love you, Sexy Elf Man.

ID: 2099135

18. Marry me.

ID: 2099648

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